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Who We Are

Down to Earth.

We are Northern Girls’ Club. A powerful growing network of Northern talent.

Success lies in handling all the ups and downs of real life. By keeping it real – we encourage one another to take the next step in our lives – whatever that looks like for each one of us.

Through live events, team goal programmes and our talent directory – we are determined to showcase and spotlight all forms of Northern female talent.

Come join us on Insta and read some of our featured Northern stories. Brave women who have stepped up to share their lives – going against the grain of the artificial perfection we see on social media. Fancy giving it a go? Email us at hiya@northerngirlsclub.co.uk


Leading The Way

We are determined to showcase the fantastic power and potential of the women of the North.
If you can see it, you can be it!



What we're up to.


If you wanna be in our gang our gang our gang! Get it whilst you can, NGC Merch coming in hot from the Club House.