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– Design your own bespoke directory listing to feature on our exclusive website. A chance for you to showcase your talent and leadership. We ALL have something to offer.

– First access and discounted tickets to all in-person NGC events.

– Access to our exclusive Grit, Graft, Growth Goals programme. Set yourself 3 goals alongside the rest of the team. With monthly team Zooms, guest speakers and our own private Facebook group, we will end 2022 with a formal graduation celebration of everything we have achieved as a team in 2022.*

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*Advertise your business on the directory for 2022 for an extra £10.

Serious about 2022?

We are looking for talented Northern women willing to take the next step in their lives alongside a team of likeminded women. We’ve got this, together…

..one step at a time
  • Team Zooms will fall on the last Monday of every month at 8pm.
  • The formal graduation ceremony will be Friday November 18th 2022, in the Lancashire area.
  • Your Directory listing will be live on the website for the whole of 2022 with the option of renewal in 2023.

Team 2022 not for you? No problem. Join the Directory. It’s NGC’s aim to be the biggest network of Northern female talent and we will do it. Watch this space and join the movement.

List yourself on our exclusive Directory. Whether it’s career, business, relationship, friendship or life advice – we ALL have something to showcase – something we could help another Northern girl with.

You might just help another Northern girl take that next step in their life.

£10 one off fee for your listing to be live throughout 2022 and includes your official NGC pin badge.

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Buy NGC Membership and give the gift of a supportive community, directory listing, member page & keyring, exclusive access to events and a Grit, Graft Growth goals programme!! 🔥


ANY Northern girl aged 18 or over can list themselves on the directory. Whether you’ve moved away from the North, whether you’re an entrepreneur, an undergraduate or finding your feet at work. We welcome listings from Northern girls from ALL backgrounds and experiences.
A part of our website that lists Northern girls who have been brave enough to step up and say this is me and these are some things I’m good at, that I’ve been through, and that I want to help other Northern girls with. These are my talents and my leadership skills and I’m proud to showcase them.

Yes, at the moment you must be over 18 years old to list yourself in the directory. You must also be 18 years old to request the details of someone listed on the directory.

No! Although we do welcome your business advertisements and we love to see them. We believe everyone has something they can offer others – advice/contacts/experience. We are a directory for individuals as well as businesses as we believe the two are linked. Success is not simply career defined.

Nope – if you would prefer just one and that would make you feel more comfortable. Great.

You’ll be asked for an email address but unless you’re advertising your business, this won’t be publicly visible on the directory.

They’ll simply click your listing and request your details. You will receive an email saying someone has requested your details with a brief outline as to their reason for contact. It’s then up to you how much or how little input you have after this. Remember – one step at a time.

For too long, Northern women have been held back by two things. A lack of confidence and a lack of contacts. The directory smashes both of these things – we are showcasing strong and powerful women and more importantly, connecting them together.