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Who we are


NGC was founded in January 2021 by two English teachers and cousins, Lauren Higgins and Sasha Phillips from Burnley, Lancashire.

Northern Girls’ Club is a growing movement of talented, ambitious down to earth and real Northern women. On a mission to redefine success, we showcase the ups, downs, achievements, failures of the lives of a wide range of Northern women. We learn from, encourage, and inspire one another as we tackle life up North, across the country and the world.

We believe that if you can see it, you can be it. We keep it real and celebrate everything that’s fabulous about life as a Northern woman.

Oh – and before you check out the rest of our amazing website – to be as inclusive as we truly wish to be, whenever we use the words women, woman, girls, girl, she and her on this website or any other of our publications, please be assured we refer to any person who identifies as such. You are so, so welcome here x 

"to redefine
the notion
that a successful
life is a
perfect one"

I’m a secondary school teacher of English, business owner, mum of two babies and Northern girl. Sick of the same old online content (hashtag ad) I decided that enough was enough and founded Northern Girls’ Club – an online platform where Northern women could share their stories – warts and all – to redefine the notion that a successful life is a perfect one. It’s not – it’s messy, it’s difficult and most of us are just trying to get through to the end of the day. I’m determined to flood our channels with Northern female accents, stories and triumphs to give the representation of the biggest pool of untapped talent that there is – Northern women’.


Courage and resolve.
Strength of character.


Hard work. No excuses.


The process of developing physically,
mentally and emotionally.

Come join us on Insta and read some of our featured Northern stories. Brave women who have stepped up to share their lives – going against the grain of the artificial perfection we see on social media. Fancy giving it a go? Email us at hiya@northerngirlsclub.co.uk